Website for producers

Website for producers

This application is used to generate the list of broadcasted recordings (programs, recordings, titles) distributed in a given calendar year in the territory of the Czech Republic. The list has always been generated for the individual producer. The list only consists of recordings for which INTERGRAM collected and distributed  the remuneration for the respective producer.

The access to this application is available only under the registration. The access is only available for the producer for whom INTERGRAM collected and distributed a remuneration in a given calendar year and who has a contract on representation concluded with INTERGRAM.

Registration steps:

1)      Click on the upper screen blue bar field „Registration“. Fill in the registration form.

2)      Wait for an e-mail with the instructions to verify the signature (this step is necessary for the successful registration).


Due to the technical limitations only the individual registration is possible. The access for the entity representing more rightholders is not available at the moment.

Thank you for understanding.